appetizer platter


Ras Malai  contains nuts
A divine creation of cheese dumpling and condensed milk $4.95
Gulab Jamun
Condensed milk balls with cardamom, deep fried and soaked in sugar $4.95
Rice pudding gently cooked in milk flavored with cardamom $4.95
Kulfi, Mango Kulfi contains nuts $4.95
Flavorful Indian Ice cream: Coconut or Pistacchio $4.95

Ice Cream
Coconut | Pistachio | Mango $4.95


Lassi (sweet or salty)
A delicious yogurt shake with rosewater $2.95
Mango Lassi
A delicious mango yogurt shake $3.95
Mango | Apple | Orange Juice $3.95
Soda free refill $1.95
Saratoga® Still or sparkling (750 ml) $5.95
Tea or Coffee $2.95
Masala Tea
Tea, spices, water & milk boiled together $2.95
fresh squeezed $3.95