appetizer platter


Dal Makhani
An aromatic marriage of black lentils,butter, fresh garlic and ginger $12.95
Malai Kofta Contains Nuts
Balls of minced vegetables cooked with mild Indian spices in a tomato cream sauce with nuts and raisins $13.95
Bhindi Masala Vegan
Fresh okra in a curry with tomatoes, herbs and spices $13.95
Navratan Korma Contains Nuts
Mixed garden fresh vegetables cooked with herbs, spices and nuts in a mild cream sauce $13.95
Mixed Vegetable Curry Vegan
Mixed garden fresh vegetables in our chef’s special curry $13.95
Hydrabadi Mirch aur Baigan ka Salan Vegan
Deep fried eggplant and roasted chilies in coconut curry $16
Baigan Bhartha Vegan
A traditional specialty of eggplant baked over an open flame, mashed, seasoned with spices, then sauteed with onions and green peas $15
Shahi Paneer Contains Nuts
Home made cheese sauteed cooked in a rich tomato and cream curry $13.95
Mutter Aloo Veganor Paneer
Cubes of potato or homemade cheese gently cooked with tender garden peas and fresh spices $12.95
Chana Masala Vegan
Chick peas soaked overnight and cooked gently with tomatoes, onions and spices $12.95
Chana Saag Vegan
Chick peas soaked overnight and cooked gently with chopped spinach, herbs and spices $12.95
Aloo Gobhi Vegan
Potato and cauliflower cooked in delicately spiced sauce $12.95
Aloo Palak Vegan
Potatoes and spinach cooked with freshly chopped garlic, ginger, herbs and spices $12.95
Dal Tadka Vegan
Yellow lentils cooked with onions and tomatoes, topped with coriander and topped with coriander $12.95